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Repairing and vulcanising 

OTR, Earthmoving, Industrial, Forklift & Aerial Worker tires

To help you reduce tire costs, we repair and heat vulcanise your damaged and broken tires in our own autoclave, so you don't have to buy a new tire.

Thanks to our repair and heat vulcanization service, your tire budget is saved and the cost price of your vehicle is significantly reduced. Our professional team has everything in-house to repair your tires in the best possible way: knowledge, experience, speed and quality of our work go hand in hand with the satisfaction of our regular customers.

Repair & heat vulcanization of the tires is done in the following steps:

  • A tire can be brought to our workshop or we can collect it from you.
  • Inspecting and assessing the damage (s)
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  • Grinding open the damaged area (s)
  • Removal of cracks and rusted steel wires
  • A cuff is built into the tire at the site to be repaired, to restore strength, rigidity and bearing capacity to the tire. Because there are dozens of cuffs, for the various types of damage, an accurate calculation is necessary so that the correct cuff is mounted in the tire,
  • Then we vulcanize the tire in our own hot air autoclave, which fits tires up to 57 inches. After several hours of hot vulcanization at a certain pressure and temperature, the tire becomes as good as new
Tyre repair and vulcanising autoclaaf

Advantages of Repair and vulcanising using the hot vulcanisation method

The heat in our autoclave is created by hot air, which means that the rubber to be vulcanized from the repaired area adheres better to the carcass / tire.
By using hot air and NOT steam (like all our competitors) there is NO moisture and rust development in the autoclave, so that no moisture / water entrapment can penetrate into the repair / vulcanization and carcass. This dry hot air provides the highest quality vulcanization and repair, and the best adhesion of the vulcanized rubber.
Because we vulcanize in our own autoclave, the waiting time is very limited and we can make your tire operational again in a very short time.

Our repairs are guaranteed to be resistant to the following influences:

  • Heavy load
  • Wear
  • Aging


  • Repairing and hot vulcanizing earthmoving and industrial tires is work for a specialist.
  • Good expertise and professionalism are indispensable
  • Following rules is necessary.
  • It is important to properly analyze the costs and benefits for repairs.

Thanks to our experience, OTREM always has suitable tire advice for your machine, driving and working conditions. Our expert specialists advise you about the possibilities

Contact our specialized team

Repair & heat vulcanization of earthmoving and industrial tires

We have our own autoclave at our location in Maasmechelen 3630, Breitwaterstraat 3 (Belgium). This gives us the option to repair earthmoving and industrial tires up to 57 inches by means of heat vulcanization.

Repairing & heat vulcanizing forklift and aerial work platform tires

You can also contact us for the repair of your forklift and aerial work platform tires. Consider, for example, repair by heat vulcanization if a cam has come out of one of your tires. This concerns tires filled with polyurethane (PU) (also called foam-filled tires or foam tires).

Because we carry out these repairs ourselves at our location, the waiting time is short and the repaired tires can be used again quickly and you save a lot of money.