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                                                     What types of tires are there?

There are different types of tires in the transport sector !! Tires for international transport require different properties than tires for regional transport. Type of road surface, distance, weather conditions: everything has an influence. Manufacturers focus on a different aspect for each innovation: material, purpose and modern techniques. There are experiments with rubber compound, treads and profiles. There are 5 different tire types within the transport and logistics sector.

International Transport
Tires for international transport are suitable for long distances. Vehicles with these tires travel long distances at a constant speed. There are few stops, so few moments of acceleration and braking. The correct composition of the truck tires or trailer tires is also extremely important here.

Regional Transport
Which tires are suitable for your trucks depends on various factors. How many kilometers are generally covered? What roads are used on, and what about the road surface there? How many starts and stops are made during an average ride? And what ballast or type of cargo is being transported? We take all these factors into account when purchasing new truck tires.

Building site
These tires perform on both road and gravel and sandy surfaces. The tires for means of transport, trucks, tippers, tools and machines in the construction and civil sectors have to endure a lot. For example, the surface on which these machines function can be extended. With good traction, these tires ensure that the vehicle can handle all terrains and also drives comfortably on the regular road.

City and regional transport
City and regional transport often stops along the way. This means that the tires can withstand the many accelerations and braking. Usually these tires have a special, thicker sidewall, because they often come into contact with curbs. The tires for city and regional transport are also suitable for worse roads.
These tires have been specially developed for open terrain applications where there is sufficient grip in all conditions, these vehicles hardly ever hit the regular road.

Renting tires is possible at OTREM
Would you like to rent tires at OTREM, or use our wheel exchange system, inquire about our options. OTREM is a professional tire company, cares about its customers and offers the best service.
We rent in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany.

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